1991 Moraga Red
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes 

At Moraga, in Bel Air, as in many areas of California, 1991 was an excellent season for grape growing.  The protracted growing period allowed for extended maturation time and the generous crop required thinning by conscientious growers.  Though production was more than 26 barrels, only 18 make the final blend represented in this bottling.

The wine currently exhibits heady aromas of cedar, spice and blackberries with nuances of ripe olive and dry herbs adding intrigue.  Already a complex wine, instead of simply young and fruity, the flavors render suggestions of roasted wild mushrooms, minerals, cocoa and almonds.  The palate impression is initially silky and allows for near term drinkability but structural tannins necessary for aging do become subtly apparent in the finish.

In comparison to the previously two releases, the 1991 is more refined and less austere than the firm 1989 vintage and more elegant and approachable than the heavyweight 1990.  Although it will repay patient cellaring, this vintage is likely to drink better, sooner, and be appreciated for its engaging aromas and silky feel.

Tony Soter, Winemaker
March, 1995