1994 Moraga Red
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes 

Simply put, the 1994 Moraga Bel Air is the unquestioned pinnacle of our winegrowing achievements to date.  It is with the experience of five previous vintages, the blessing of an ideal growing season, and the intangible mystery of great wines, that all seem to have coalesced in this exceptional bottling.

This wine is seductively opulent, almost decadent, with ripe youthful appeal.  At the same time its underlying classis structure and penetrating finish give one confidence that it has the staying power for extended cellaring.

All of Moraga’s signature flavors and aroma characteristics are generously at play.  From the saturated ruby color to the smoky, coco powder, chocolate and cassis aromas, on into the melt-in-your-mouth texture and the panoply of varied notes in the lingering finish.

Needless-to-say, I like this wine! As one known more for understatement and soft spoken praise when describing wines, I simply find it too delicious not to celebrate its achievement.  All hubris aside, it is a credit to the dedication of Roberto Quintana, the vision of Thomas and Ruth Jones and the grace of Mother Nature.

Tony Soter, Winemaker
December, 1997