1995 Moraga Red
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes 

Moraga was blessed by Mother Nature in 1995.  Heavy winter rains provided moisture to the soil that all but eliminated the need for supplemental irrigation.  Spring flowering was met by cool temperatures and light rain that produced small, loose grape clusters.  The effect of these conditions manifested itself in vines with near-perfect natural balance and little need for crop thinning.  Moderate temperatures in the weeks prior to harvest ensured generous, fully developed flavors. 

Dense, saturated color hints at the pleasures to come.  The heady aroma fills the senses with seductive notes of opulently ripe fruit, cedar and brambles.  Subtle hints of cocoa and spice present additional layers of complexity.

The promise of the bouquet does not disappoint the palate.  The lush entry precedes bramble, mocha, cedar, and cigar notes that are elegantly wrapped around the sweet core.

Structurally seamless, tannins coat the mouth and the flavors linger long after the last swallow.

This wine is a testament to the best that Nature can deliver.  While elegant and immediately approachable, additional age will endow 1995 Moraga with further nuance and layers of pleasure for years to come.

Scott Rich, Winemaker
Tony Soter, Consultant
Roberto Quintana, Winegrower