1997 Moraga Red
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes 


It is the rare wine that expresses its origins as do the red Table wines of Moraga.  Each Vintage surprises us with the consistency of flavors and aromas that we have come to identify as Moraga.  The 1997 Red Table Wine mirrors previous vintages with aromatic notes of cedar, tobacco, blackcurrant and coffee.  Bright, energetic fruit reminiscent of black cherry and a suggestion of blueberry cobbler round out the aroma impression.

The entry is immediately smooth and supple. Concentrated black cherry, plum, and dark chocolate flavors contribute to a palate that brings memories of biting into a juicy, fleshy black plum on a balm summer day.  Suffused with very fine-grained, silky tannins, this wine finishes with mouthwatering persistence.

The 1997 vintage Moraga is a study of balance and harmony produced by synergy of climate, soil, and skillful hands in the vineyard.  It is the magic of the natural process gently steered to transform this place know as Moraga into its bottled essence for our sensory pleasure.  We are quite proud of this wine and we hope that it fulfills your hedonistic expectations as it does ours.

Scott Rich, Winemaker
Tony Soter, Consultant
November, 2000