2000 Moraga Red
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes 

From the time that the first leaves made their appearance in the spring, the weather during the 2000 vintage was remarkably mild and well-mannered.  Absent the heat spikes that sometimes occur during harvest, we were able to pick at an almost leisurely pace, waiting until the grapes had reached optimal ripeness. Although the vineyard is of diminutive size, picking stretched over a five-week period beginning at the end of September.  Individual vineyard blocks were sometimes picked more than once to accommodate differences in vine age, as well as subtleties of soil and exposure.  This could only be done with the year-round veteran vineyard crew that has acquired an unusually intimate knowledge of Moraga.

The aroma of this wine immediately begins to build in intensity once poured.

Compelling notes of berry, cedar, cassis, and tobacco meld with undertones of black olive and sweet French oak. In the mouth, 2000 Moraga is unusually powerful, even by our rigorous standards.  The initial impression is that of bright, spicy currant, black raspberry, and blueberry backed by a firm structure.  Loaded with fine-grained, high-quality tannins that coat the entire palate, this wine finishes with an exceptionally lengthy and satisfyingly juicy persistence.

We feel that this is one of the finest examples of more than a decade of winemaking at Moraga Vineyards.  This wine tells the story of synergy at an unusual and unique site created by nature and nurtured by man.  We hope that you enjoy the gift of the land and the efforts of those who transformed it into a liquid expression of place.

Tom Jones, Proprietor
Carlos Contreras, Vineyard Manager
Scott Rich, Winemaker