2007 Moraga White
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes 

Moraga received only 14% of its normal rainfall in the month of January 2007, setting the stage for droughty soils that would ensure low vigor, small canopies, and moderate crops, all hallmarks of superior grape quality. Continue low rainfall and slightly warmer March pushed Budbreak a bit earlier than most years, providing just a touch of additional hang time.  The balance of the growing season continued with Moraga’s usual temperate weather until a heat wave hit at the end of August, just in time to concentrate flavors before picking on September 7th.  Warm temperatures and a dearth of rainfall created the perfect storm for outstanding flavor development during the 2007 vintage.

Since we made our initial three cases of Moraga Sauvignon Blanc from a miniscule crop in 1995, we have been trying to replicate that wine. We believe that we have finally made a white wine that eclipses that early effort and we feel that 2007 Moraga White Wine is our best white wine to date.  The aroma nearly leaps out of the glass with beautiful floral notes complemented by layers of Meyer lemon, a hint of white peach, and exotic fruit such as guava, Asian pear, and pineapple.  Bright and fresh in the mouth, flavors of sweet, ripe fruits such as pineapple, citrus and peach mingle with signature Moraga minerality.  This wine has a rich, creamy texture supported by great acidity and a trace of grape tannin that provides additional structure.  Overall, the wine is exquisitely balanced with a long, elegant finish.

The world’s finest wines reflect a true sense of place, with aromas and flavors that tell the stories of their origins and reflect the terroir that makes them unique.  The combination of citrus, tropical fruit notes, and minerality that is consistently found in Moraga Sauvignon Blanc has become a signature for the wines that come from this property.  We hope that you treat our wines like an old and dear friend, appreciating them for their one-of-a-kind personalities, for like a good friend, these wines can’t be replaced.

To your health and happiness,

Tom Jones, Proprietor 
Scott Rich, Winemaker
Carlos Contreras, Vineyard Manager