2011 Moraga White
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes 

In many ways, the 2011 growing season was textbook perfection. After several years of sub-average rainfall, we finally saw a wet winter that saturated the soil profile ensuring plenty of water for the season’s first growth in late March.  Cold weather during flowering in May and June caused a small reduction in the crop load.  June and July were typically mild, influenced by the “June gloom” that is part of life so close to the ocean.  August started out cool and finished with a bit of heat, easing the grapes toward ripeness. Cool weather cycled back in early September, followed by a mild increase in temperature, which helped concentrate flavors in the grapes just prior to harvest on September 8th.

The 2011 vintage proved to be another winner in a string of exception Moraga White wines.  The nose is dominated by floral notes of white flowers and honeysuckle, underlain with a bit of peach that has become one of the signature flavor descriptors for Moraga. There is also a slight talcum powder/baby aspirin component to the aroma.  The flavors are bright and energetic, full of white peach backed up with tropical fruit notes, a bit of pineapple and a sexy streak of minerality. The wine is juicy in the mouth texturally focused, well structured and very flavorful.  The finish is quite persistent.

A little bit of curiosity led to the first planting of grapes at Moraga and sheer luck provided us with the perfect combination of soil and climate.  We count our blessings each time we realize our good fortune in having such an extraordinary site for Sauvignon Blanc.  We’re happy that we can share something so special with you.

To your health and happiness.

Tom Jones, Proprietor 
Scott Rich, Winemaker
Carlos Contreras, Vineyard Manager