2012 Moraga White
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes 

2012 marked the return of drought after a gloriously rainy 2011.  Budbreak bean mid-March and the first flowers appeared at the end of May during a period of perfect warm weather that quickly pushed the vines through pollination and fruit set.  June and July were slightly cooler than most years, leading to a slow, steady flavor evolution.  The fruit eased into perfect ripeness as the result of a warming trend at the end of August. All of the Sauvignon blanc was picked the first week of September and we were able to capture the flavors of each vineyard block at slightly different stages of flavor development to craft a wine of unusual complexity.

This bottling of Moraga White Wine is unusually floral, with notes of honeysuckle and jasmine, as well as pear, melon, and a streak of mineral the texture is sensuously viscous and mouthwatering.  Lovely flavors, of pineapple, lemon grass, and pear dance on the palate.  Deep in character, this is an expansive, voluminous and sexy wine.

Despite the incredible consistency of both the climate in Bel air and the microclimates within the vineyard, we do see vintage-to-vintage variations in flavor and texture and the 2012 vintage thrills us.  We hope that you enjoy the gift that nature provided with just the right amount of prodding on our part.

Scott Rich, Winemaker
Carlos Contreras, Vineyard Manager