Born and raised in the Mexican state of Colima, Carlos Contreras has always loved getting his hands dirty, be it while growing things or building them. 

The proof is in how he spends his time; during the day as Moraga Bel Air’s vineyard manager while in the evening and on weekends, taking care of his personal garden and fruit trees.  In his own garden/orchard he grows vegetables and has fig trees as well as an assortment of citrus trees but his favorite are his roses.

Contreras has not only worked as a carpenter but also in the agave fields of Mexico.  He arrived in the United States in 1977 and in 1989, he joined the team at Moraga.  Within ten years, he became the winery’s vineyard manager – not only in charge of the expanding vineyard but also the beautifully landscaped garden at the estate house and the avocado orchard adjacent to the house. He is also responsible for the five olive groves within the vineyard grounds and the production of Moraga’s olive oil.

Married with two children and two grand-children, Contreras lives in Los Angeles and is building a house in Mexico where he can take his family to relax.