Born in Australia in 1931 to Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch has established himself as one of the most important and influential businessmen in modern history. Currently serving as Executive Chairman of 21st Century Fox and News Corp, Murdoch continues to maintain numerous interests and concerns around the globe, including that of Moraga Bel Air’s operations and winemaking efforts.

Murdoch’s purchase of Moraga Bel Air in 2013 continued his habit of investing in quality. Whether media properties, technology concerns or real estate, his acquisitions most often have one thing in common: they represent the best in their category. Moraga Bel Air is no exception. 

 Historically, Murdoch’s interest in wine has been one of an avid consumer who has enjoyed the opportunity to drink many of the world’s finest and most inspiring wines. As the proprietor of Moraga Bel Air, he consults regularly with winemaker Scott Rich and maintains a vision for Moraga that focuses on producing among the most distinctive and unique wines in the world.

 His goal is for “wine lovers everywhere to have the opportunity to understand the unique nuances of our specific soil at Moraga and how that translates into the amazing wines we create.  We are not Napa nor Bordeaux – we are Moraga and deserve a place at the table with the rest of the world’s top wines”.